Service portal in the Cloud

Did you previously think that a service portal for your company could only be operated by your in-house IT department within your data center?

Well - that was once upon a time...

In the meantime, cloud solutions have "grown up" and are increasingly gaining acceptance in many areas. A number of software products are offered as "Software as a Service" these days, and there are good reasons to consider this model when making your selection.

What do I get out of it?

The advantages are obvious, including:

  • You didn't need your own hardware in your data center.
  • You do not have to worry about installation, configuration, licensing and updating of various applications.
  • You save time and effort for managing access and securing applications in the DMZ.
  • You do not have to build up and maintain know-how for system support of the applications.

And that also applies to a service portal?

Yes, absolutely. In many mechanical engineering companies, a service portal is a rather "small" application - e.g. in relation to an ERP system and the software used for design. This makes the above-mentioned advantages over an in-house solution even more significant.

With SpareParts 365, you can choose between both operating scenarios - a cloud or an in-house solution. Switching between these scenarios is also possible without any problems.

What about the security of our data then?

The security of your data is guaranteed in SpareParts 365's cloud solution by a number of measures:

  • Use of the data center of a domestic provider on servers in Germany.
  • Comprehensive protection against attacks through state-of-the-art technologies and measures.
  • Access to the portal secured via login and password policies, control of access authorizations via role model.
  • Optional two-factor authentication (2FA).

And I don't have to worry about anything anymore?

No, unfortunately it's not quite that simple.

You take care - with our support - of configuring the service portal once in the way that suits you best.

For the integrated spare parts catalog(s), you provide the required data (e.g. parts lists, drawings, additional documents, price lists), load this data into the service portal via a browser and update the data as required.

We take care of the rest:

  • Installation, licensing, operation and updating of the portal software and all associated components (incl. database).
  • Provision and configuration of the required computer infrastructure.
  • Automated data backup and recovery in case of failure.

And where is the catch?

There isn't one.

But there are, of course, circumstances that can speak against the use of a cloud solution:

  • In some companies, service information or spare parts catalogs contain such sensitive data that company policy prohibits storing such documents off-site.
  • If direct access from the service portal to the internal ERP system is planned (e.g., query of customer-specific prices, transfer of orders, etc.), the cloud solution requires an interface via which the ERP system can be accessed from outside - e.g., via web services. If this is not possible, you will have to opt for the in-house solution.

Let us advise you free of charge and without obligation which solution is the most suitable for your company and how SpareParts 365 could support you in your service or after-sales business in the future.

We will also be happy to create a sample catalog based on exemplary data from your company, so that you can get a more precise impression of the solution on this basis.

Please contact us. We look forward to talking to you.

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