Interactive Spare Parts Catalogs for excellent Service

Do you work in mechanical, component, automotive, or plant engineering? Does your company manufacture high-quality industrial goods that are built to last? Would you love to be able to:

SpareParts365 Catalog

… Offer your customers excellent service – even and especially when they need spare parts?

… Provide your staff with top-notch information on spare parts and servicing?

… Increase your revenue selling spare parts – while boosting the success of your primary product?

New and interested

Does your company currently produce and distribute its spare parts catalogs manually – based on Word, Excel, or PDF files? It’s time you invested in a professional solution: SpareParts 365 for first-time users.

Looking to switch

Perhaps you already use software to generate your electronic spare parts catalogs, but you’re not entirely happy. Thankfully, there’s another option. Find out how you can quickly achieve better results: SpareParts 365 for people looking to switch.

SpareParts 365 is an integrated platform that automatically generates and distributes catalogs while identifying and ordering the spare parts you need.

This SpareParts 365 software is the perfect support for any business working in spare parts, maintenance and repairs. Manually creating, preparing and distributing spare parts information tends to be a rather tedious task. Now you can use this valuable information to improve your standard of service and boost sales. Generate and publish intuitive electronic spare parts catalogs – quickly, easily, and cost-effectively.

More and more companies are relying on our powerful, mature solution. Because we bring both together: our own many years of experience and a young, creative development team.

SpareParts365 Catalog

A few highlights:

  • ✓ Free, immediately usable entry-level version and sample catalog filled with your data – at no risk to you.
  • ✓ Automatic hotspot generation for pixel drawings – making creating catalogs much more efficient.
  • ✓ Cloud-based or on-premises – maximum flexibility and manageable costs.
  • ✓ State-of-the-art web technologies, open interfaces and standards – software that’s easy to scale and integrate and can be used both on- and offline.

Get to know SpareParts 365


SpareParts 365 comprises many components. Here you can find an overview of the basic components. You’ll also learn how to use these to boost your company performance.

Subscription levels and functions

We offer SpareParts 365 with different subscription levels and functions – from the free Basic version up to the extensive Enterprise edition.

Example uses

Learn how you can use SpareParts 365 to optimize your processes in servicing and spare parts, reduce costs, and increase customer and employee satisfaction.

Customer testimonials

"The decision to implement the "Spare Parts Catalog" project with SpareParts 365 was exactly the right one. Due to the high professional competence and the solution-oriented, flexible implementation strategy of IT-Solutions Möser e.K., the acceptance of the employees involved was given from day one. Thanks to SpareParts 365, we quickly achieved the project goal of an intelligent, self-maintaining spare parts catalog."

Jörg Bold, IT Project Manager at Dücker GmbH & Co. KG


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