About us

The creators of SpareParts 365 are by no means new to electronic spare parts catalogs. No, we bring decades of experience from many customer projects to our product. We pursue a common vision, each with a different, complementary focus.

Das System


“We want to bring a novel solution for the identification and sale of spare parts on the Internet to the market and thus be the second largest provider in the German-speaking area in five years. We will achieve this with an innovative solution that is geared to today's market requirements, based on current technologies and does not have to take into account legacy issues."


(Wolfgang Möser and Christian Peter, inventors and creators of SpareParts 365)

May we introduce ourselves?

We, Wolfgang Möser and Christian Peter, are experts in electronic spare parts catalogs and sophisticated software solutions. Before we founded our own companies, we both worked for a leading provider in German speaking countries in Fuerth (Germany) for many years: Wolfgang Möser as development manager and project manager, Christian Peter as software architect and also project manager. We know how to set up an electronic spare parts catalog. And we know how to do it really well.

Why are we the right partner for you?

Speed, flexibility, innovative power - in combination with our modern, compact solution and transparent, fair prices: these are our strengths. This sets us apart in competition with the established providers.

The creators

Christian Peter is the founder and owner of INPUTsys Software Solutions GmbH - www.inputsys.de. He has been working in software development for 25 years, including 16 years as a software architect for electronic spare parts catalogs for a company in Fuerth (Germany). With his company INPUTsys he is responsible for the software development of SpareParts 365.

Christian Peter is Clean Code Developer and Open Source Development Advocate. He has many years of experience in Java / Java EE development as well as in cloud computing, Unix-based servers and mobile applications.


Experience background:

Since founding his first own company, Christian Peter has been developing individual and standard software for companies in various industries. In the meantime he has set up his own development platform and his own container-based cloud platform with INPUTsys. It also uses the latest approaches and technologies such as artificial intelligence/deep learning and big data.


Christian Peter


Wolfgang Möser

Wolfgang Möser is the founder and owner of IT-Solutions Möser e. K. - wm-itsolutions.com - and developer of the hotspot tool OCRHotspot, a component of SpareParts 365. He is also an expert in data migration.

Wolfgang Möser is a "Certified Senior Project Manager (IAPM)" and "Certified Senior Agile Project Manager (IAPM)".


Experience background:

After studying engineering Wolfgang Möser worked as a software developer at Triumph-Adler (control system for manufacturing robots) and at Eberle (programming system for programmable logic controllers).

Three decades followed at a company in Fuerth (Germany) as a developer, development manager and project manager. As head of development, he was responsible for the implementation of standard software for electronic spare parts catalogs and sophisticated service information systems. He also worked in product management, consulting and sales.

That also speaks in our favor


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