SpareParts365 – Components

Portal 1000 EN


The web portal enables people to access all the functions of SpareParts 365. Users simply log into the platform via a standard browser, where their access to various functions and data is granted based on user roles. For example:

  • ✓ Service staff or customers can view the catalog, and research or order spare parts.
  • ✓ Technical writers can generate and distribute catalogs (catalog publication).
  • ✓ Administrators can adapt the catalog design to match the company’s corporate identity.


  • ✓ All the functions of an electronic spare parts catalog plus shop components in an intuitive portal: Catalog generation and distribution plus spare parts identification and ordering
  • ✓ Seamlessly integrated desktop components
Builder 1000 EN

Online catalog builder

The online catalog builder is the work environment for the catalog generation tool – for importing data and compiling, testing, sharing, and distributing catalogs. This tool can:

  • ✓ Create catalog projects and configure catalogs – including user-defined database, display, and sort fields
  • ✓ Initiate data imports (master data, drawings, hierarchical parts lists) via drag and drop
  • ✓ Partly or fully automatically generate hotspots and catalogs
  • ✓ Update catalogs with new data
  • ✓ Edit, test and approve catalogs in the development, test, and production environments
  • ✓ Distribute catalogs – to be publicly accessible or for defined user groups


  • ✓ Smart import: all related data is automatically identified and imported
  • ✓ Batch processing: automatic data imports in batch
OCRHotspot 1000 EN


OCRHotspot is a desktop application for partly or fully automated generation of hotspots for 2D pixel graphics: For each part of an assembly drawing, the position number is used to create a link to the parts list and saved in an attribute file, including the coordinates. This removes the time-consuming process of manually entering this data in parts-list tables.

OCRHotspot offers:

  • ✓ OCR character recognition including font size recognition – fully automated or interactive as preferred
  • ✓ Option to exclude certain areas (e.g. footnotes)
  • ✓ Powerful validation functions
  • ✓ Ability to recognize and store relative coordinates – making the data usable regardless of the drawing resolution
  • ✓ Ability to generate an attribute file with the hotspot data in multiple formats, including XML


  • ✓ Very powerful OCR text recognition with only minimal manual post-processing required
  • ✓ Flexible polygons: lines can be used to define areas of any shape in the assembly drawing – not just squares, circles, or ellipses
  • ✓ A smart system that learns as you use it – an important feature for old drawings: typefaces that are hard to automatically recognize only have to be manually trained just once, as OCRHotspot learns with you – and applies what it learns to all variations (size, formatting, etc.)
  • ✓ Easy to configure
Online 1000 EN

Online catalog

Customers and staff can use the online catalog to find the information on the replacement parts they need. The parts or assemblies can be identified via the drawing or parts list.

The online catalog offers:

  • ✓ Catalog selection – e.g. via serial number or product type
  • ✓ Catalog display – with drawings, hierarchical parts lists, additional documents, and notes
  • ✓ Convenient search and navigation functions
  • ✓ Shopping cart
  • ✓ Print function


  • ✓ Responsiveness – the display adapts to the size of the screen and input method (keyboard or touchscreen)
  • ✓ Theming – flexible display options

SpareParts 365 provides apps for mobile devices so the catalog can be used offline.

Exclusive free sample:

Fully functional example catalog

Would you like to see a one-off sample digital catalog produced by SpareParts 365 using your data?

Just send us some typical examples of your spare parts data (parts lists and drawings). We’ll be happy to prepare an example catalog using your data and provide recommendations on how you can get the most out of SpareParts 365. Interested?

Send an email with your example files (max. 15 MB) to

Offline 1000 EN

Apps for offline catalogs

The offline catalog apps allow mobile access to spare parts information even without an internet connection. The offline catalog allows staff to download the latest catalog to their mobile device (tablet or smartphone) before they visit a client and use it offline. Just like with the online catalog, the employee will be able to identify replacement parts, display additional relevant information, and add the parts to the cart.


  • ✓ Catalog apps for Android, Apple iOS, and Microsoft Windows – with the option to download and update catalogs
Shop 1000 EN


The shop component enables catalog users to order the required parts right there from the app: a cart created in the online catalog can be turned into an order at the click of a button. It couldn’t be simpler! The order is then sent to the manufacturer or retail partner as an email – or via web services, SAP, or other interface as required. The online catalog can also be integrated into an existing shop.


  • ✓ Integrated catalog and shop functions
  • ✓ Easy to connect and integrate