SpareParts 365 for new users

A real innovation for the service and spare parts sector

Do you produce and sell long-lasting, high-quality industrial products where aftersales service plays an important role?

Do you currently produce and distribute spare parts catalogs manually, based on Excel, Word, or PDF documents?

Are your customers currently unable to go online to order spare parts from you?

Would your staff currently not be able to identify and order spare parts at a click of a button – and certainly not while away from their desk, on site, or on the road?

It looks like we can help you.

Digitalize or die?

In an ideal world, this is how it would work: When a spare part is needed, it can be quickly and definitively identified, and ordered without any fuss – ready for use on site in no time. But the reality is often quite different.

90 percent of small and medium-sized manufacturers of industrial goods currently aren’t using any professional solutions at all to support this process. If this includes you, then the following situation probably isn’t so unfamiliar, either:

  • Creating, publishing, and distributing spare parts catalogs is expensive and time-consuming. You do have the data available, but these all have to be prepared and entered manually. And almost as soon as you’ve carefully compiled this catalog, it’s no longer up to date.
  • Errors also crop up when transferring data. This results in incorrect part identification, customer queries, incorrect orders, returns, downtime, outages, angry customers and stressed-out staff – and massively increased costs that you could have saved.
  • Finding parts information is tricky and tedious, and ordering those parts is no better. Customers and service staff can’t simply identify spare parts on demand in a flash, because these self-service functions don’t exist. It’s also impossible to properly account for other variables, such as the manufacturing date or variations, nor is it easy to consider all the supplementary technical documentation that may be available. That’s why the work and costs attached to the sale of spare parts are so unnecessarily high.
  • But it gets worse. Out of frustration, customers often turn to the “grey” market to acquire the parts they need faster and for less.
  • The entire quality of service suffers as a result. Since on-site technicians don’t have on-the-fly access to current catalog and service information, it isn’t even possible to deliver the efficient, top-class customer service that your customers might expect.
  • All in all, the result is lost sales, poor customer loyalty, and a multitude of missed business opportunities – and not just for spare parts and service, but the primary product, too.

It doesn’t have to be that way! Time for a professional solution.

It’s almost always possible to extensively improve your spare parts and service operations. This can all be achieved using the data already available in your existing design, production, resource planning and technical documentation systems.

Now it’s time to tap into these data resources and make them accessible to your customer service and sales teams. SpareParts365 makes all of this easy.

What makes SpareParts 365 great

SpareParts 365 is an all-in-one tool to professionalize your spare parts management. Automated catalog generation and distribution combined with convenient self-service functions to identify and order the part required bring your business to the next level – while simultaneously reducing your service costs.

Recognize and capitalize on the latent potential of your technical data. Everyone involved will benefit from this modern, interactive platform for electronic catalogs.

… For technical writers

Use your expertise and work capacity more effectively. Spend more time producing the actual technical documentation, and less time collating, copying, and reformatting existing data.

… For repair and service teams

Always have access to the latest spare parts and service documentation for your products online and on-site as an offline catalog on your mobile device (tablet, smartphone), updated daily.

… For repair and service managers

Improve service quality and customer satisfaction through needs-based service delivery with fast and easily available spare parts information, minimized error rates and shorter response times.

… For after-sales service managers

Reduce the work involved in processing spare parts orders and helping your customers to identify the parts they need. Increase sales by boosting customer loyalty and reducing the pull of the “grey market”.

… For marketing managers

Sell the benefits of your professional service and after-sales service to support the marketing of your primary product, increasing its perceived value.

… For IT managers

Reap the benefits of the cloud in your spare parts services – and you’ll no longer have to worry about establishing, installing, or operating databases, web applications, or servers.

… For owners and investors

Liberate yourself from high risks and investment costs. You can avoid embarking on an extensive and expensive project by booking SpareParts 365 on a subscription basis with manageable monthly costs.