Service & Support

SpareParts 365 is exceptionally easy to set up and operate, so you won’t need much support from us – regardless of whether this is your first time using software to generate electronic spare parts catalogs or if you’re switching over from an alternative product. The logic and interface behind SpareParts 365 are so intuitive that your users won’t need extensive training or in-depth support, either.

Our services

We have more than 25 years of experience in the implementation and development of electronic parts catalogs. This expertise allows us to provide top-level professional service combined with a fully optimized product. We have a strong customer focus and will advise and support you to identify and implement your specific requirements and solutions. We will also assist with any specific needs you may have when migrating data or connecting your spare parts shop to an ERP system.

Requirement analysis

We provide substantial support to ensure you hit the ground running.

  • ✓ Analysis – Which parties involved in the overall process require access to which information, and in which form?
  • ✓ Prioritization – What are your most important goals and requirements?
  • ✓ Concept – Which solutions might be appropriate?

Implementation support

We ensure everything is set up properly so that SpareParts 365 can be launched without a hitch – along with all the fine adjustments to meet every one of your requirements. As a rule, our solution is very easy to implement, because it draws on existing data and processes.

We will support you with:

  • ✓ Preparing data
  • ✓ Training – even with your customer data if preferred
  • ✓ Going live

Data migration

Perhaps you already use software to generate your electronic spare parts catalogs, and are looking to replace it with SpareParts 365? Then it is a good idea to migrate your existing data to SpareParts 365 right at the start. We’re happy to help – and can provide import interfaces and example data as required.


As the developers of SpareParts 365, we are also the people you can turn to if you would like to customize the software and add additional functionality – for example, if you’d like to map specific business processes or connect an existing shop.

Cloud operation

If you’d like to outsource the operation of SpareParts 365, we can manage the hosting in our cloud. We use servers located in Germany in an ISO/IEC 27001-certified data center. Security is our top priority.


If your users or administrators are unsure about anything relating to the use, configuration or administration of SpareParts 365, feel free to call or email us. We can provide direct telephone support, via remote maintenance or other means.

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