SpareParts 365 – a professional solution for electronic spare parts catalogs


Our focus is on manufacturers working in mechanical, component, automotive, and plant engineering. Our response to their needs is SpareParts 365 – an integrated platform that automatically generates and distributes catalogs while also identifying and ordering the required spare parts.

Generate your spare parts catalogs now – it’s quick, easy, and reliable. Offer your customers and service staff convenient online and offline functions for retrieving part information (master data, parts lists, component drawings) – with the option to request and order what you need right there and then. Your satisfied customers and staff will thank you for it. Make long searches, incorrect orders, extended downtimes, and all the additional costs and loss of sales a thing of the past.

Example uses

Learn how you can use SpareParts 365 to optimize your processes in servicing and spare parts, reduce costs, and increase customer and employee satisfaction.

There are many reasons to choose SpareParts 365

  • SpareParts 365 integrates all the functions you need in relation to spare parts into a single web interface. Catalog creation including hotspot generation, catalog management and distribution, spare part identification, shop, and more.
  • ✓ It’s so easy to use that many users can get to grips with it themselves right away – without any training.
  • ✓ It’s completely platform-independent, and does not require you to use certain CAD-, ERP- or PLM applications. It uses ultra-modern technologies, open standards and interfaces, it’s lean, and it’s even multi-client capable.

Partner requests welcome

We will be happy to explain the possibilities of cooperation to you!

Use it how you want it

You decide how to deploy SpareParts 365, based on your needs and company policies – in the cloud or your own IT environment. We offer you both options, or even a combination of both (e.g. in-house catalog generation and cloud publication).

But we are also happy to take care of the complete hosting for you.

Cloud (SaaS)

We offer SpareParts 365 in the cloud on a subscription basis, billed monthly. You can then use our software on a SaaS basis. SpareParts 365 is hosted on servers in Germany in an ISO/IEC 27001-certified data center. In this scenario, we take care of all installation, update, admin and data backup processes – all you have to manage is the user admin and catalog configuration.

You also have maximum flexibility – for example, you can export data if you also require cloud data in-house, or you can install OCRHotspot – our automatic hotspot generation tool – on a local computer.

Learn more about SpareParts 365 subscription options: Subscription levels


Do you want to integrate SpareParts 365 into your own IT environment? We also offer software licenses including maintenance. This option will probably be best for you if your company policies prohibit the transfer of data to external servers.

If you want to operate SpareParts 365 on your own cloud space, you can use the proprietary AWS, Azure, or Google clouds.

Learn more about our services here: Service & Support

We will be happy to advise and support you with data migration and other tasks. Learn more about our services here: Service & Support

Subscription levels

To meet your precise requirements at any time, we offer SpareParts 365 with different subscription levels and functions. From the free entry-level version (Basic) right up to a personalised high-end solution, we can provide exactly what you need. SpareParts 365 grows with you.

That’s part of why SpareParts 365 beats comparable solutions hands down.

SpareParts 365

  • ✓ … is an integrated platform that takes care of every step involved in generating and distributing catalogs, as well as identifying and ordering the spare parts you need.
  • ✓ … is lightweight and easy to use, without any excess baggage.
  • ✓ … offers apps so people can access offline catalogs on mobile devices (tablets, smartphones) and components to automatically generate hotspots.
  • ✓ … can be operated in the cloud or locally as required.
  • ✓ … includes a free entry-level version and a free-of-charge example catalog using your real data for risk-free evaluation purposes.
  • ✓ … is based on modern, open architecture, making it easy to scale, integrate, and expand as required.
  • ✓ … is substantially easier and less expensive to roll out, operate, maintain and support than alternatives, leading to lower setup and running costs.

Optimized processes thanks to a modern spare parts solution will increase customer and employee satisfaction, reduce errors, minimize downtime, and lower your costs. You’ll then enjoy higher profits across the board – not just in spare parts.


SpareParts 365 is based on the latest technologies and uses open interfaces and standards. This ensures it is robust, flexible, and future-proof. The core technologies at work are:

  • ✓ Jakarta/JEE®-Plattform – one of the most popular tried-and-true platforms for business web applications.
  • ✓ Java® programming language – one of the most commonly used and stable web programming languages.
  • ✓ HTML5 with WebGL – the latest markup language for web documents, supports the display of 3D graphics without additional plug-ins.

SpareParts 365 only requires a little human input to implement, operate, and maintain the software. For example, there’s no need to separately install and manage any databases, because its database – which can handle even extensive catalog projects – is already built in. Of course, anyone running the on-premises version of SpareParts 365 in their own IT environment can integrate other common database systems as required.

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