SpareParts 365 for people looking to switch

Rethinking the electronic spare parts catalog

Do you already use software to generate your electronic spare parts catalogs – But are you also finding...

  • Your current solution no longer adequately meets your needs?
  • The time and costs involved in the operation, maintenance, and ongoing development of the solution are too significant?
  • You want to be able to outsource related IT tasks so you can better concentrate on your core business?
  • You no longer feel sufficiently supported by your existing supplier?

We can help.

Weaknesses of existing solutions

You are probably all too familiar with the weaknesses of the usual software used to generate spare parts catalogs. We’re equally familiar with them – because we’ve been working on these for almost three decades.

The problems are not specific to spare parts solutions. The following weaknesses can occur over time in any software solution:

  • complex, somewhat cluttered functionality (slowed down by legacy functions used by certain customers)
  • technologically outdated core
  • visually outdated user interface with an unattractive look and feel
  • insufficient support for mobile devices
  • functions are not seamlessly integrated
  • cloud solutions are inconvenient to use and expensive
  • unclear roadmap for future development
  • lack of price transparency
  • questionable future-compatibility in relation to technology and suppliers
SpareParts365 Catalog

What makes SpareParts 365 great

We wanted to offer companies a modern alternative – so we developed SpareParts 365. SpareParts 365 is a web-based all-inclusive solution for electronic spare parts catalogs. It allows automated catalog generation and distribution combined with convenient self-service functions to identify and order the part required.

Our solution is sophisticated and powerful. That’s because we really combine everything: many years of experience in the industry and a young, creative development team.

These are just some of the reasons to choose SpareParts 365:

A solution that’s clear and intuitive – not packed with superfluous functions. An integrated portal solution with:

online catalog builder for imports

mobile apps to use offline catalogs on the go

high-performance hotspot tool for desktop use

based on state-of-the-art technologies with open standards and interfaces

quick and low cost to implement, customize, operate and maintain

can be used as a cloud-based or on-premises solution as preferred

free entry-level version and sample catalog filled with your data

Benefits to you

If your spare parts software is past its prime, now would be a good time to switch to a modern, cost-effective alternative. The benefits will exceed the costs many times over – and you’re almost certain to generate a great return on your investment in no time.

Let’s look at whether SpareParts 365 is a better option for you. We can even calculate the specific benefits your company can realistically expect.

Show your customers that innovation and quality matter to you not only in the primary product you sell – but aftersales service, too. Avoid losing existing customers due to dissatisfaction over the medium term. And gain new customers through impressive customer service.

Act now to make your spare parts business a strategic strength in your service offering.

Switching to SpareParts 365 is incredibly easy – but we’ll naturally offer you all the advice and support you need with bespoke services.